Hello friend

March 17, 2019

Since I discovered that I can write gibberish* on a computer and that this becomes ones and zeroes just to show us wonderful things on a screen, my life has been divided between topics I can talk about with people on the internet and topics I can talk about with my family and friends.

So that is the reason for me to divide my blog in two, the blog part and the tech stuff part, in blog I will be talking about my thoughts, trips, something related to technology but "human friendly", my goals, dreams, and so on...

While on tech stuff will go everything related to code (I know! That's the word code inside code tags, so meta...), programming languages, servers, operative systems, and the list can continue but lets leave it there.

But why?

Well in here I will be documenting anything I learn, also I will use it to keep track of some goals I have set for myself. I can only hope that anything written here will be of use for anyone.

And that's it! If you have any comments, please comment!

Oh! And I almost forgot, english is not my native language, so if I you find anything wrong please tell me.

Thanks for reading.

* Well formatted and deeply thought code